Dear White People: Stop Thinking So Much

In memory of too many to list

Jeffrey Kass
2 min readMay 5, 2021


Black man with worried look after being pulled over/Mike Focus-Shutterstock

They thought D’Arreion was an intruder in their apartment building

They thought Ahmad was a robber

They thought 12 year old Tamir’s toy was a gun

They thought Alton’s and Amadou’s wallets were guns

They thought 120 pound massage therapist Elijah wearing a ski mask made him “sketchy”

They thought bird watching Christian was threatening their lives

They thought Amadou was reaching for a gun

They thought Trayvon looked suspicious

They thought Willie’s itch on his chest was him reaching for his gun

They thought Marvin was acting strange

They thought Andre’s keychain was a revolver

They thought Terrence looked like a “bad dude”

They thought Aaron was reaching into his glovebox to grab a gun

They thought Philando’s reaching for his driver’s license and registration was a gun

They thought Eric pulling his hands away deserved a choking

They thought it was ok to make up a car ramming story to justify gunning down Howard grad, Navy enlistee and new father Prince Jones

They thought it was a good idea to open fire on Earl and Ronald’s vehicle moving in reverse

They thought Jamaal’s flashlight was a weapon

They thought an officer could wear an inside-out untucked tan T-shirt, jeans, sneakers and ballcap at 1:30 in the morning and come across as a cop to Corey

They thought it was ok to shoot Yvette, who called 911, and ask questions later

They thought it was ok to send the police when Shereese’s sister called for an ambulance

They thought James was reaching for a weapon when he went to unbuckle his seatbelt

They thought it was ok to ram their cruiser into Victor riding a bicycle

Now they thought their 34 ounce metal gun was actually an 8 ounce plastic taser

They thought

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