Blue Lives Matter Scam Exposed

Where are police boosters in wake of Tyre Nichols’ death

Jeffrey Kass


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One of the more disturbing responses to the movement to declare that Black Lives Matter was the incessant promotion of Blue Lives Matter.

People had yard signs. Bumper stickers. Social media was plastered with it.

The chorus was so loud it was drowning out and invalidating the pain of our Black brothers and sisters.

It didn’t make sense to me. There were no efforts to mass incarcerate police officers. There were no serious efforts to get rid of the police altogether. Police aren’t marginalized. There was no real rejection of the idea that police have a very difficult and dangerous job.

The demand on the police in the wake of numerous police killings of unarmed Black men and women was simply to investigate racism among the police, fix hiring and training practices, end the good ol’ boys’ code of silence, require body cams, and undertake other actions to end what anyone with common sense would know is a pervasive problem among the police.

Nobody I knew in racial-justice circles was arguing that all police are racists. Or that police aren’t a necessary part of society. Black people regularly call the cops when crime confronts them. Black juries regularly convict criminals.

Despite all of this, the self-described law and order crowd wasn’t going to have anyone criticizing the men and women in blue.

Blue Lives Matter, they shouted.

“It’s not about race,” they claimed. “We just aren’t going to let a few bad apples undermine our police.”

But even most of the so-called bad apples received near unwavering Blue Lives Matter support.

Remember Ferguson? Do you recall how many people came to the defense of officer Darren Wilson, who shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown? How people focused on negative facts about Brown, which were irrelevant, given that Wilson knew nothing about Brown when he gunned him down?

What about officers Joshua Jaynes, Kyle Meany and Kelly Goodlett, who lied to obtain a no-knock warrant to enter Breonna Taylor’s home in Louisville, Ky., where she was then killed?



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