Stop using King’s words to support oppressive systems

It has become almost laughable how many people invoke Dr. King’s name on MLK Day to deny systemic racism. Or defame or intentionally lie about critical race theory. Or just downright oppose meaningful societal change when it comes to race.

Arguments like those listed above are especially pervasive during this…

Why critical race theory is critically important

Classic view of Mount Rushmore

Since moving to Denver 10 years ago, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who adore Mahatma Gandhi. He’s a hero in nearby Boulder.

I personally was never a huge fan, because during the Holocaust Gandhi said that the Jews shouldn’t fight back and instead just accept their…

Self-reflection is a critical part of ending racism

In 1997, Marvel released a new superhero team known as The Thunderbolts.

Unless you’re a comic book aficionado, I doubt you know of these society-saving superhumans. I didn’t. …

Ending the cycle of racial bias introduced through books

I’ve written many times about how the images we’re fed in movies and television impact how we unconsciously feel about and act toward various groups of people and even ourselves.

But many of us don’t realize that children start forming views on race long before they’re watching Superman, Spiderman or…

The Abraham Accords are a model of peace for Israel and Palestine

When Israel signed normalization agreements with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco, I felt the same euphoria I did when Barack Obama became America’s first Black president.

As a lifelong activist fighting racism in the U.S., it…

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