Part of loving one’s country is wanting to redress its wrongs

You’ve seen the news by now. Popular Cuban American rapper Pitbull again went off on people who dared to criticize the United States.

“If you don’t like the United States of America, go back to the countries that we…

The Taliban and other extremists don’t define Islam

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a group of five Muslim men from Qatar at the coffee shop I frequent in Denver. My basic Arabic skills broke the ice, but once we exchanged introductions, I quickly learned these men were intelligent…

Untangling the images that shape our thinking

I haven’t really been much of a superhero fan since my childhood days, when Adam West played Batman, Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman, Christopher Reeves was Superman, and Michael Gray as Billy Batson in Shazam!

Of course, like most kids back then, I watched superhero cartoons every Saturday morning.


We won’t achieve true justice for anyone until Jews are included in social justice

Long before I learned the art of calm and grace, I lost my cool when my blonde, Aryan-looking German law school classmate Mark from small-town Ohio met me and immediately remarked you don’t look Jewish.


Mark Twain once said that travel is the cure to racism

An acquaintance of mine heard I was planning to tour Istanbul during my twelve-hour layover en route to Rwanda this past July.

“I think you should stay at the airport. The Muslim Brotherhood runs Turkey and there’s a good…

Blacks and Jews once modeled a path to end racial distancing

Thomas LaRue grew up in Newark, New Jersey to a single mother. A Black mother who spoke fondly of the Jewish people. So much so that LaRue used his singing talents to learn Yiddish and Jewish music to become a cantor. Music producer, performer and musicologist Henry Sapoznik recently located…

When Tragedy Struck Denver’s Jewish Community

The outpouring of support from family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and even random social media followers in response to the tragic murder of Shmuel Silverberg outside of my son’s Jewish school in Denver has been so heartwarming.

Friends in Israel, Florida, France, Illinois, New York…

Re-Entering the Sunshine

A bearded man in a long black coat and black hat walked into our little office at the Jewish Law Students Association at the University of Toledo. There weren’t many Jews in Toledo, so we had this group to plan occasional social events and celebrate holidays together…

Don’t wait until something happens to you

August 18, 2021. A 6:00 a.m. text from my ex-wife.

“A student from Cleveland was killed in a shooting outside of our son’s school at 11:30 p.m. last night.”

My son attends a Jewish institution in seemingly calm, sunny, peaceful Denver, Colorado. Parents…

Jeffrey Kass

Thought-Leader On Race, Society, and Culture | Award-Winning Author | Speaker | Trainer | Lawyer | Latest Book: The Rona Diaries. One World. Two Pandemics.

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